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Tonight’s dinner: salsa and chips

I used some of the fresh tomatoes to make some lovely salsa.  

About 3 years ago, I traveled to San Miguel de Allende for a week long holiday.  While I was in San Miguel, I took a couple of cooking classes – one on mole, one on salsas.  Tonight's recipe is loosely based on Maria's roasted salsa recipe.  

I bought a comal in San Miguel, and cooked the veg on it.  You could just use a cast iron skillet.

Heat the comal on low to medium heat
Place on the hot comal:
~2 garlic cloves with skins on
~1 serrano pepper or jalapeno
~1/2 onion with skin
~2-3 ripe tomatoes

Let the garlic, onion, and serrano get dark brown spotting – turn frequently so they don't actually burn. Turn the tomatoes often so they blister – using tongs helps with this.

Then peel the skins off the onion and garlic, peel the burnt skin off the pepper, core the tomatoes.

Place all in a food processor and chop.  You can make big or small chunks – mine came out in small bits because I was multi-tasking.

Add salt to taste and enjoy.

~remove some of the seeds from the tomatoes so the salsa is less watery
~add cilantro and lime to the food processor
~add 1/2 avocado to food processor
~use same ingredients without roasting them