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Rising to the occasion

It’s been an exciting time in the office.  Mr. Lolly caught a mouse.

That’s not normally a remarkable thing.  It’s getting cooler, mice look for warm places, and cats catch mice right?

I adopted Lolly when he was very young, probably less than 5 weeks old.  He and his litter mates were rescued from the Tulsa Animal Shelter by my friend and veterinarian, Dr. Robin Johnson.  Robin has a heart for rescuing, neutering, and placing as many animals as possible.  Lolly could eat solid food, so he came home with me.  He was such a tiny little guy, and I had a lot of fun watching him play and grow.

Lolly's first day at home

Zoom forward 12 years.  Lolly lives in the country, with three other cats and none of them have expressed any interest in mousing.  Their attitude seems to be, “that’s what mouse traps are for.”

Well, Lolly caught a mouse, and liked it so well, he caught another one (mice often arrive in pairs).

Here’s what I find remarkable.  Lolly didn’t have a good beginning, he didn’t have much time with his mamma cat and he didn’t learn a lot of basic cat knowledge.

But that chilly morning, his instincts kicked in and when he spotted the mouse, he knew what to do, and he did it with skill and joy.

Lolly is such a good reminder about how powerful our instincts are.  Each of us is born with strong instincts.  “Instincts” are that inner knowledge that advises us – tells us something is wrong, or urges us to make certain choices.

Many people are conditioned, by family or society, to ignore instincts.  For a variety of reasons, we quit listening and frequently pay the price;  we feel disconnected and powerless.  Getting back in touch with your own instinctual knowledge helps guide your choices and brings back that sense of personal power.

Lolly’s mousing adventure was a clear reminder that we are gifted with inner knowledge, and we serve ourselves and others by learning to trust and use our instincts.

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Want to know more about Mr. Lolly?  Visit Lolly’s page and follow him on twitter!

Garden update – Sept 2009

This has been a challenging year – late freeze, hail storm, then two months of 100 degree weather and 2 year drought.  The Garden did well considering all that.  Here are the photos from this morning.

Cynthia’s Garden

I’ll post more in a couple of weeks – I managed to plant lettuces, peas and beans this weekend and will get some more wintery things planted as soon as the seeds arrive.

Mr. Lolly is looking particularly good in the garden.