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Happy New Year!

This has been a long, difficult year.

We all have hard times, sometimes hard years.  Pain is part of being human, and it can take a rough patch to help us appreciate the smooth, easy times.  But really, I want to shout, “Enough is enough!”

I was moaning to a friend about how very ready I am to say farewell to 2013.  Farewell to a year filled with illness and death, to normal household maintenance jobs that took waaayyyy too long to complete, and welcome the fresh new beginning of 2014.  The conversation rambled on and my friend said, wryly,  ”Well, you know, midnight comes around every night.  You can start your New Year whenever you feel like it.”

So we had a New Year’s celebration on Saturday night.  We had a special meal, invited special friends, and toasted farewell to the crappy parts of 2013.  We said, “Happy rest of 2013!”  So maybe it was a New Rest-of-the-Year celebration?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Here’s the interesting part:  I really looked forward to our New Year celebration.  It was fun and a bit goofy.  And the next morning really felt like a new beginning.

I’m curious about that sense of a fresh start.  I think it’s related to acknowledging the hard times and making a conscious decision to turn toward something else. I even got myself a c2 model d rower as a fresh start gift 😛

So often in life, we feel so stuck in our pain.  You can’t always just push the pain down or ignore it, you have to give it some attention, time, and space for healing.
And sometimes, we can choose to lay down that burden instead of slogging it around with us perpetually.
I get The Daily Word delivered to my email every day.  I read The Daily Word as part of my daily devotions and like most things, some days it’s kind of appropriate to me and some days it’s spot on.  Here’s Saturday’s Daily Word for our impromptu New Year’s Eve…
I am free to be my best self.

French novelist and philosopher Albert Camus once wrote, “Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.” Each day, I can choose to be better … to learn more, love more, and experience more. I have the freedom to make different choices and seek greater meaning and fulfillment.

My freedom does not depend on outer conditions, for it is within me. It is a blessing I inherit as a child of God. I am free to choose fear or faith; criticism or support; victimhood or mastery.

With gratitude, I accept my inherent freedom, embrace its potential, and use it to create a full and satisfying life. I am free to be my best possible self. I am boundless. In the spirit of God, I grow and evolve each day.

A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will put within you.—Ezekiel 36:26
~The Daily Word for Saturday, October 19, 2013
This isn’t freedom from pain and struggle, it’s freedom of heart and mind and spirit.  That’s what was awakened in me this weekend, the sense of hope and joy that has been my companion for most of my life.
So what happens if the rest of the year isn’t better?  Then maybe that means this mid-October New Year’s gave me a bit of a respite from pain.  Or maybe it means we need to have another New Year’s party.