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One of the reasons I love living in Texas

Sometimes ponies show up at the Post Office.


This horse is named Myst.


Grabbing a quick snack before the ride.


Show your shoes!


Struggling with my plant-strong diet

I’m starting my 8th week eating Plant-Strong.

Weeks 1-7 have been easy-peasy, fun, energizing, and delicious.  This week, not so much.

It started with a  really hectic work week, and then real tiredness on Saturday.  That tiredness translated into two things:  I didn’t want to go to the farmers market or grocery store, and I didn’t feel like cooking.

I made hummus for lunch, without our usual spicy serranos or jalapeños to add to the mix.  Also the cilantro has bolted so what leaves I could harvest were muted in flavor.  Lunch was healthful, but also kind of sucked.   Saturday night I was content to have veggies and a salad but we opted for caprese salad – except we bought the wrong bread and I can’t eat mozzarella.

Sunday brought an unexpected trip to a local “famous hamburger” joint.  I got a portabella sandwich that was perfectly fine, but the fat in the onion rings made my belly hurt.  And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t eyeing the delicious looking cheeseburger that sat perilously close to me.

Not my burger

Not my burger

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a bit whiney.

Today I’m doing my taxes, which would take away anyone’s appetite.  I made some spicy black-eyed peas (a recipe I love btw), but I’m conscious of the bacon that is not in the pot.  Maybe I’m focusing on what I don’t have rather than what I do have…

Everyone has meals that are “less than stellar.”  I’m blessed to have the time and interest to focus on  eating more healthfully, and creating interesting meals.  It’s not always going to be “tofu and roses.”  Some days I’m going to struggle.

I remember when I started running, my 8 mile run was so daunting.  I couldn’t sleep the week before the scheduled run.  I kept thinking, “There’s no way I can run 8 miles, it’s too far.”  As the weekend run approached, I realized I’d hit a wall, and that I’d constructed that wall with my own limiting beliefs.  And if I made that wall, I could tear it down.

I ran that 8 miles and many more after that.  I’ll get back onto the, “Man this food is fantastic” road tomorrow.  For tonight, I’m going to make good choices so I am nourished, and try to finish my taxes.

Things will look better in the morning.  I’ve learned that I need to plan ahead to have good foods ready to eat for days and nights when I’m less than motivated.  I also need to plan for busy work weeks.

Here’s the terrific Spicy Black-Eyed Pea recipe that is both quick and delicious.