Why do you run?

In honor of turning 50 next year, I’ve decided to run a 1/2 marathon. You can read about that decision here.  Now that’s decided, and I find myself thinking a lot about running, and wondering why other people run, and why run marathons.

So I decided to ask a few friends why they run and over the next few days, I’ll post their stories.

The questions:  Why do you run?  Why do you run marathons?

First up is Roger Soler, age 50, marathon runner:

I started running because I liked the competition, and I found out I was good at it.  The more I trained and run the better I felt.

Eventually, after 10 years of competitive running, I decided to do a marathon… For distance runners it is the “ultimate” goal.  I have run over 30 marathons with a personal best of 2:17 at Boston in 1988.

Now, I only run for fitness, and marathons are not in my plans.  But I run a Half marathon a couple of time a year.  They do not take as much training.  ~ Roger Soler

A note to readers, a marathon is 26 miles and some change.  Roger’s fastest marathon was completed in 2:17 – 2 hours & 17 minutes.  That means he ran about 13 miles an hour.  Holy cow that’s fast.

Roger Soler ran for Peru in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.  You can read more about him here. He has a deep connection to San Antonio and to the running community.   I’m grateful to Roger Soler for sharing his story.

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