The summer garden is winding down and the fall plants are growing – in that slow way that seedlings do.  I am making the internal transition from summer to winter in terms of cooking, eating, and productivity.  I love the cooler months and the opportunity to be a little less busy and a little more reflective.

I was just reading about some gardens in the northern states that are already suffering from early frost, freezing rain, and even snow.  Today in Texas, it's warm and sunny.  The house is open and I can hear the water from the pond.  In the heat of summer, I wish I lived where it was cool – but once the heat breaks, there isn't any place prettier than Texas.

November 1st is the Feast of All Saints.  If you were in church this morning, you might have heard a litany of names of people who are deceased, but still loved and remembered.  Its a good time to pause and think about the people who have shaped your life – and offer a little prayer of thanksgiving for them.



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